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DarwinAI Announces Strategic Collaboration with Lockheed Martin

WATERLOO, Ontario, May 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DarwinAI, the explainable AI company located in Waterloo, Canada, today announced a strategic collaboration with global aerospace leader Lockheed Martin that seeks to improve Lockheed Martin’s customers’ understanding of AI solutions.

Explainable AI (XAI) or “explainability” attempts to illuminate how neural networks – complex constructions that mimic the human brain – reach their decisions.  The lack of understanding around AI’s decision-making process has hampered the widespread adoption of AI.

In response to this industry-wide impasse, DarwinAI created an explainability platform for deep learning development powered by its proprietary technology, GenSynth Explain. In addition to improving neural network efficiencies, the platform can dramatically reduce the time it takes to produce robust and accurate models through the insights it generates.

“Explainability is a critical challenge in our industry. Understanding how a neural network makes its decisions is important in constructing robust AI solutions that our customers can trust,” said Lee Ritholtz, director and chief architect of applied artificial intelligence at Lockheed Martin. “We look forward to working with the DarwinAI team to identify projects across our enterprise where their explainability technology can be applied.”

“Negotiating AI’s black box problem in a practical, actionable manner is a key focus for us this year,” said Sheldon Fernandez, CEO, DarwinAI. “Our collaboration with a leader in the aerospace industry such as Lockheed Martin underscores the importance of trustworthy AI solutions. We look forward to this important collaboration.”

DarwinAI has been recognized for its industry-leading research and scholarship. The company was named a cool vendor in Gartner’s October 2019 Cool Vendors in Enterprise AI Governance and Ethical Response report. CB Insights also recently named DarwinAI a “high-momentum startup” in its “Game Changing Startups 2020” research report in the “AI transparency” category, and also selected Darwin for its AI 100, CB Insights’ annual list of the 100 most promising private AI companies in the world.

About DarwinAI

DarwinAI, the explainable AI company, enables enterprises to build AI they can trust. Founded by renowned academics at the University of Waterloo, DarwinAI’s Generative Synthesis technology allows enterprises to build AI they can trust.  Based on years of distinguished scholarship, the company’s patented explainability technology accelerates advanced deep learning design. To learn more about DarwinAI, visit their website at www.darwinai.com or follow them @darwinAI on Twitter.

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